Bridgestone Golf TD-01 True Balance Putter

Bridgestone Golf TD-01 Putter

The Bridgestone Golf TD-01 True Balance Putter has taken a U-turn from the way in which the industry is heading in terms of weighting. Other companies have begun to add weight to the grip end of the putter for counter-weight. Bridgestone however, has gone the other way completely.

They have moved the balance point further down the shaft almost to the head itself. The balance point is less than 5 inches from the sole of the club. Lowering the balance point has many advantages, one of which is it provides a much better feel.

The ball seems to just pop of the grooved insert with a distinct clicking sound. Giving it ample chance to get into a pure roll sooner. Reducing skidding and keeping it on the path you hit it. Being a stainless steel putter, the ball with come off the face harder. However, the grooved insert maintains great feel and consistent striking.

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