Cleveland Golf TFI 6-5 Blade Mid Mallet Putter

Cleveland Golf TFI 6-5 Blade Mid Mallet Putter

The Cleveland Golf TFI 6-5 Blade Putter has reinvented alignment.  This enables consistent and accurate alignment every time. Regardless of your setup position.

A milled, copper-infused face coupled with a soft backing, which provides a soft and consistent feel. Providing immediate feedback of both sound and feel upon impact. The full shaft offset keeps the hands forward of the ball through impact. Ensuring a smooth forward roll with an upward strike.

Mid-mallet with a black top-line and matte finish reduces glare and also improves accuracy. Good for slower greens or those putts that require a little more effort to get to the hole. Looks and feels the part with a 360 gram head weight.

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