Nike Golf IC 2020A Mallet Putter

Nike Golf IC 2020A Mallet Putter

The Nike Golf IC 20-20A is a square head mallet style putter. It features cutaways at the bottom which helps to spread the mass to the perimeter of the club. The perimeter weighting is the result of effective engineering that spreads the weight around and enlarges the sweet spot.

Nike have reduced the size in the latest version of the IC 2020.  As a result it is more comfortable and easy to maneuver on the green.

The two toned color of the club head provides an easy to focus on the ball. Also there is an alignment line that goes from the face to the back of the club. This mallet designed putter does not have an insert. Instead there is a precision milled flat steel surface, which provides solid contact. As a result, good topspin is achieved.

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