Nike Golf Method Core Drone 2.0 Putter

Nike Golf Method Core Drone 2.0 Putter

Featuring the Nike Method Core insert technology. The Method Core Drone has a lower and deeper center of gravity, which gets the ball rolling with topspin quickly. With the absence of excessive backspin, the ball tracks on a better path despite the stroke type.

The ball rolls off the face very easily which leads to more predictable distance control. The feel for puts off the center of the face are very soft, with a click sound. Whereas off center putts sound much different. The face itself is quite active, meaning that it is fairly forgiving even on mis-hits.

The Nike Method Core Drone has a long sight line which extends from the back of the club all the way to the front. As a result, alignment of the putter with the ball is a lot easier to focus on. The offset shaft allows you to address the ball squarely with the face. Also has a big hitting area.

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