Nike Golf Method Core 5i Mallet Putter

Nike Golf Method Core 5i Mallet Putter

The Nike Golf Method Core 5i is a midsize mallet putter. As with all of the Method Core range, it has polymetal groove technology. This includes an aluminum insert with polymer that fills the milled grooves. Which dampens the head vibration on impact and reduces backspin so it doesn’t skid which gets the ball into a true roll sooner.

Testers of the Nike Golf Method Core 5i have commented that the ball rolls with topspin quickly. Good overall weighting and balance.

Soft, quiet sensation on center hit putts. The club seems to want to swing itself because of the heavier head. Simple shaped head also with a brushed nickel finish great for those who tend to mis-hit put on the toe. The head sits low to the ground, which provides a smooth takeaway.

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