Nike Golf Method Matter B2-01 Putter

Nike Golf Method Matter B2-01 Putter

The Nike Golf Method Matter B2-01 putter makes it easier to zone in on the longer putts. The grooved insert face provides great roll with solid contact. It limits the hops and skidding that usually lead to the dreaded 3 putt.

The light-weight balanced design makes it easy to have consistent swings. The soft but responsive insert maintains a softer feel even on off center impacts. Also the grooves almost seem to hang on to the ball upon impact. Thus creating a smoother roll of the club face.

The Nike Method Matter has an elegant looking Anser-style head with a matte black finish with a red and black insert. The ample technology seems to be somewhat ‘hidden’ in its simple and conservative look.

Even though it has a cushioned feeling on off-center putts it can cause the ball to skip a little. So for those who are looking for a heavier style of putter this is not it.

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