Odyssey White Hot RX 2 Ball V Line Putter

Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball

The Odyssey White Hot RX 2 Ball Putter has taken the infamous 2 ball design and made it better. It has a progressive mallet design with 2 ball alignment as well as versa contrast alignment. This coupled with the new design of insert, gives you award winning roll.

The White Hot RX 2 Ball has a double-bend shaft for full shaft offset. The new oval pattern insert with textured clear coat offers increased friction to provide a better roll and feel. Better feel means you know when you have hit a solid putt out of the center. As a result you get top spin on the ball sooner to prevent skidding.

Available with either the standard Odyssey rubber grip or the Super Stroke grip for added feel. The more comfortable you are with putter in hand, the more putts you will hole.

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