Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Putter

Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Putter

The Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser 1 Wide Putter is a new edition to the huge Odyssey range of putters. Utilizing its legendary Fusion RX insert technology and as a result creates excellent forward roll for a simple blade putter. Odyssey took an insert with the most tour wins, the best selling and best feeling putters and improved on it. The result, unbelievable new roll technology. The Fusion RX insert is in a league of its own, where roll meets feel.

Coupled together with major-winning versa alignment technology, creates a winning combination. Many of the worlds best golfers trust and believe in this visionary alignment technology. The contrasting of the silver and black colors makes it easy for the eyes to focus in on the linear alignment features. Also makes it easier to maintain the correct face angle from address to impact.

Odyssey Tank Cruiser Weighting

The Tank Cruiser has adjustable perimeter weighting also grip weighting for perfect balance. Standard head weight is 375 grams. However, this is adjustable down to 365g and up to 385g with additional counterbalance weights. Counterbalance weights ensure that the putter head is completely balanced and provides smoother, more consistent striking and roll.

Finally, the Fusion RX insert combines White Hot insert technology with a fine mesh overlay. This mesh has Metal-X roll pattern for a more consistent and pure forward roll.

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