Odyssey Works Versa #7 Tank Putter

Odyssey Works Versa Tank #7

Odyssey Works Versa #7 putter. Golf Digest voted it their hot-list gold medal winner in 2015. Versa technology uses contrasting color to help the eyes focus better.

The #7 Tank is a modified mallet type putter with weighted alignment wings, Tank counterbalance and Versa high contrast alignment. The double bend shaft for those who prefer full shaft offset.

Metal-X Ultra thin mesh and patented roll pattern provides better roll as well as feel. With a faster roll than the White Hot insert, reduces skidding and gets the ball into a true roll sooner.

60% of golfers trying the Odyssey Works Versa #7 Tank had a more consistent path. Also the linear design makes achieving the proper face angle a breeze. The heavier head and shaft also takes the hands out of the equation and uses the muscles to provide a more consistent stroke. Odyssey’s more prolific putter models have dominated on the Tour for years.

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