PING Anser 4 2011 Milled Putter

PING Anser 4 2011 Milled Putter

The PING ANSER 4 has a nice light feel to it and you get good feedback on impact. Still today the Anser remains one of the most popular, iconic and most copied putters on the market.

Forged from a single piece of 303 stainless steel and as a result has a solid thud and firm feel off the club face. The subtle milling lines on the toe and heel help to prevent glare.

The milled face reduces skidding and gets the ball in a true roll almost instantly. Very consistent performance, also mishits still seem to get good distance.

You get good feedback immediately after impact. The Anser 4 has great balance and just the right mix of firmness and response. The horizontal milling lines as well as the satin nickel finish give it a nice look. The milling lines are not noticeable at address.

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