Scotty Cameron Putter Review X7M

Scotty Cameron Putter Review X7M

Scotty Cameron Putter Review

I have always been a lover of most sports as long as I can remember, but golf is my passion. I always find it enjoyable to buy a golf accessory that enhances my golf score while enjoying my game of golf. Ethically of course. That is why I wanted to write this Scotty Cameron putter review.

The I enjoy making a relatively short, slow-speed stroke to smoothly roll the ball into the hole from a short distance. Another great feeling is when you are faced with a long 20 footer and being able to approach it confidently. I have always believed that when you talk of scoring, your putter is the most important club in your bag. You do need a putter which you feel comfortable with in hand, along with the confidence and success that you strive for.


What I Looked For

Essentially I was looking for an ideal combination of length, weight, head-design and balance point. I had talked to a PGA Professional regarding which putter to choose. Being a professional, I thought perhaps he was the best person to guide me on buying the right weapon for my particular stroke.

Although the new Scotty Cameron putters have a certain allure to them. Personally I was not very keen on the price, looks or the manufacturer. I simply wanted a putter that will help me make more putts.


So I decided to try the Scotty Cameron Select X7M a few days back. I never thought that I would write a Scotty Cameron Putter Review. But I couldn’t resist telling you that it’s a unique putter from Titleist which comes with 2 ten gram weights for perimeter weighting the club head. The weights are interchangeable, and you can purchase different weights to change out to suit your stroke better. It has a serial number on the shaft and I have verified it with Titleist. It is soft to hold and smooth to play with.

I won’t lie, it is a little pricey. However, I would happily say you should go ahead and at least try it out. It is well worth the price you pay for it!

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