Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter has deep milled grooves which provides a soft feel and sound. Added heel-toe weighting provides balance and stability.

It has outstanding distance control even when the impact varies. A great tool for lag puts and has excellent feedback which makes it easy to judge distance as well as speed.

Has a silky soft feel, but still enough to put a good roll on the ball. Also many users enjoy the feel as the ball leaves the club face. The milled face provides great feedback for the whole length of the blade. No nasty surprises at impact. The heel-toe weighting leads to a solid response and improves tempo.

A great sophisticated look on which all others are measured. A classic blade which has a silky satin finish. Finally, it has a single black sight line for easy alignment.

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